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The Angelsong Ministries, Inc. Vision


Habakkuk 2:2:

2 And Jehovah answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run that readeth it.

Thank you so much for allowing us to share the Vision God has given us with you. I am Shala Martin-Smalley. I am a Minister, a Pastor, and a Barrel Racer with a desire to make a difference in the world I live in, the industry I compete in, and the youth that carry our future. There are so many voices in the world today, our desire is to show them that there is "nothing impossible to them that believe"!

How we will reach them?

Through outreach. Angelsong is unique to our area. We are focused on barrel racing because that's what we do and what we know. There are more barrel racers in Central Oklahoma condensed than any other state in the nation. A large percentage of those barrel racers are kids, teens, and young adults. A report was released by USDA Washington, D.C March 2, 1999 and by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Agricultural Statistics Board, U.S. Department of Agriculture that said the State of Oklahoma had over 170,000 head of horses. Equine events are a huge part of the Oklahoma culture. If you have ever seen a young girl and her horse, you know the intense connection and bond that they have. When we can help that young girl reach her goals in her passion - barrel racing - we can change her life. We can give her hope, and an assurance that her dreams are, in fact, attainable.

It is our goal to instill in these children the things that are so often lacking in the kids of today:

Honesty    Integrity    Self Motivation    Self Discipline

Accountability    Self Respect     Community Service

Work Ethics     Stability    Perseverance    Patience

Responsibility    Faith     Trust     Sportsmanship  and

Team work    

We instill Biblical values and standards, and a desire to share the God given talents and  abilities with which they have been blessed with those around them. We encourage a deeper relationship with God and a commitment to purity. We do this through various outreach ministries such as these:

Youth Ministry & Mentoring

Beginning Speed Event and Barrel/Pole Clinics

Angelsong Ministries Rodeo Team

Summer Camps

Private Lessons

Outreach Ministries to all ages

Cowboy Church and Praise and Worship Services

Production of Christian Based Barrel Races

Ministry Retreats & Youth Rallies

Our Resources

Angelsong Ministries, Inc. is made up of many families and volunteers from all over the state of Oklahoma. Our Leadership consists of President & Pastor Shala Martin-Smalley, and our Board of Directors of Apostle Lydia Ruth Smith, Don Martin, and Pastor Bruce Smalley.

Our Facilities

Currently consist of our strong and sturdy 150'X300' pipe fence arena, 4 stall barn, a roundpen, and 8 horse pens, but we look out and see all of it's potential for the future!

Our Horses

Sherman, (commonly known as "The Shermanator"), is oe of our beginner to intermediate lesson horses for kids that do not yet have their own horses to compete on. He's taught many a kid the patterns and basics of speed events. 13 yr old APHA Gelding, The Master Key, is a beginner to intermediate lesson horse for private lessons and clinics.  11 yr old APHA Mare Partee Easy is one of Shala's competition horses as well as a backup horse for Angelsong Ministries Rodeo Team Members and advanced students. 19 yr old Paula Julie Abdul is a beginner to intermediate lesson horse.  9 yr old AQHA Mare Parrs Easybug Gypsy, is Shala's most competitive competition horse at this time. 8 yr old Leos Mr Ed is a wonderful beginner through advanced barrel horse for our students to learn on.  13 yr old Hannah Claire, named after our dear friend in Heaven, a wonderful walk-trot lesson horse as well.  All of these horses were donated to Angelsong Ministries, Inc. by different individuals for use in competition and the ministry. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Our Credentials

President and Pastor Shala Martin-Smalley is a Licensed Minister . She began competing in barrel racing and speed events 30 years ago. Shala trained under Sabrina (Wilcoxson) Devers of Devers Performance Horses , Perryton, Tx, for several years, and has continued her education under Barrel Racing Legends such as 2 Time World Champion Barrel Racer and Clinician Lynn McKenzie, Lew Sterrett of the Sermon on the Mount, and recently has taught alongside Gold Buckle Barrel Horse Instructors Chrystal Hall & Misti Ray, which has laid a solid foundation for her competition, teaching, and training skills. She taught her first clinic in 1991 in Norman, Oklahoma. As a young single mom, she taught her three daughters how to ride, compete, and win at local Rodeos, Playdays, and Barrel Races and in organizations such as National Barrel Horse Association, Oklahoma State Roundup Club Association, Oklahoma Playday Association, and Norman, Chandler, and Ripley Roundup Clubs to name a few, and realized her gifting in the area of teaching the youth and helping them reach their goals. Shala served on the Board of the Central Oklahoma District of the National Barrel Horse Association for two years, and has also been producing He Paid Your Fees Ministry Based Barrel Races & Ministry Retreats since 2005 for Angelsong Ministries, Inc., and has Produced the Christian Cowboy Gathering 5D Barrel Race for Pastors Dan & Tammy Megehee of Shawnee Cowboy Ministries in 2006 & 2007, as well as the upcoming CCG October 11th, 2008. She has trained her own horses for Barrel Racing competition since 1997, and is very familiar with the industry of Barrel Racing from all aspects.


Shala holds titles and is a money winner in many organizations such as the following for almost 3 decades:

AMI He Paid Your Fees 3D Money Winner - 2008

AMI He Paid Your Fees 2D Money/Award Winner - 2007

Christian Cowboy Gathering Barrel Race 2D Top 10 - 2007

BBR World Finals Qualifier - 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009

Sporthorse Arena Jackpot Series Top 3 Winner - 2007

National Barrel Horse Association Central OK District Board Member 2003, 2004

National Christian Barrel Racers Association Oklahoma State Representative 2004, 2005, 2006

NBHA OK05 - World Finals Qualifier 2D - 1999

NBHA OK05 - Top 3 2D in District - 1999

Wrangler Heartland Tour - 3D & 4D Money Winner - 2006

OSRCA State Finalist - 1997, 1998

USBRC World Finalist 1997

LBRUC Top 3 Year End All Around 3 years

ORC Top 3 Year End All Around 3 years

Monahans Run of Champions Champion Youth Barrel Racer

Tex Mex Barrel Racing Association Youth 13-19 Barrel Racing Champion 1983

Tex Mex Barrel Racing Association Youth 13-19 Pole Bending Top 3 1983

West Texas Barrel Racing Association Youth Champion 1983

West Texas Quarter Horse Association Youth Champion 1983

Sand Hills Rodeo Pole Bending Champion 1983


Construction Plans

If you would like to schedule a trip to help with the facility building projects or construction in progress, please call 918.290.0233 or email

Annual Construction Goals

* Short term Arena Improvements:

Replace 1 pole, all lighting, and all electrical wiring

Haul in 100 tons of sand each year to improve ground conditions

Make necessary repairs to north end of arena due to drainage issues

Tear out and/or repair misc. pipe & roping equipment at south end of arena

* Upgrade & Repair Horse Stalls in existing barn

* Erect new horse barn on 30X50 with 6-8 quality, safe horse stalls and

runs for outside horses and boarders

* Build 6 covered outdoor stalls at the south end of the arena for visiting

student's horses

* Convert 11x16 storage into bunkhouse to house 6 student campers

* Acquire or build 3 additional bunkhouses to house 18 student campers


LONG TERM GOAL - Acquire more land and cover & enclosed arena, build a bunkhouse sufficient to house 25 students and hold Cowboy Church Services, 10 stall horse barn with fully enclosed stalls


Our Plan of Action


We are currently building a calendar and scheduling student lessons for summer 2010.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will be dedicated to individual lessons from 9am-

11am & 6pm - 8pm here at our facilities. We have openings for 12 private lessons per week.

Begin construction on the bunkhouse(s) project by July 31st, 2010 .



Angelsong Ministries, Inc. falls under the IRS Code for Charity Exemptions as a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and relies on donated resources and financial gifts from local businesses, individuals, and ministries that believe in the Vision of Angelsong, and have partnered with us to bring it to pass. If you, your church or organization, family, or friends would like to become a Financial Partner of this Ministry; or simply make a onetime contribution, there are several ways to donate to Angelsong.

* Paypal on our website at

* Mail a check or money order to

Angelsong Ministries, Inc.

346761 E 810 Rd

Agra, OK 74824

* Donate materials or supplies, labor for the construction needs or otherwise

Please call Shala at for more information.

Our Mission

Our Mission in simple. Our heart's desire is to reach out to this generation of youth and empower them to become all God created them to be through mentoring and teaching programs helping them learn more about the sport of Barrel Racing, as well as being a support system to their families and friends by providing them with the help that they need to raise a confident, responsible, accountable, disciplined, productive, and victorious child in today's world of deteriorating values and standards. We intend to change the industry of barrel racing one soul at a time, and provide families races to compete at that reinforce the strong moral values they are working to instill in their children. We are providing Ministry Retreats, Youth Rallies, and Cowboy Church Services for the families that live the Rodeo lifestyle and spend most of their time on the road competing so they can stay strong, stay focused, and stay blessed. Our Mission is to be a lifeline.

Lifeline - 1: a line (as a rope) used for saving or preserving life: as a: a line along the outer edge of the deck of a boat or ship b: a line used to keep contact with a person (as a diver or astronaut) in a dangerous or potentially dangerous situation 2: something regarded as indispensable for the maintaining or protection of life

Thank you

Angelsong Ministries, Inc.

346761 E 810 Rd

Agra, OK 74824


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