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This page contains testimonies about the goodness of God and how He's touched lives through Angelsong Ministries, Inc. 


Carlie McLean is a student here at Angelsong.  She is 13 years old and has been taking lessons since August with Shala at our arena, and was enrolled in our Chandler Beginning Speed Events Clinic..  This is her testimony...
My Story on How God helped Me Through Barrel Racing!
The story on how God helped in order to find the horse that best matched me, would have to had start when i first met a women named Shala Martin Smalley.  We found her in one of their brochures that they had out.  So, we went to meet her and the first thing i thought is this women has a BIG heart. Shala along with Sherman (the shermanator) both helped me when i needed to know what it felt like to ride again. When i first started Barrel Racing, i wasnt very sure on how i was going to do.  But when i met Shala and Sherman i knew that i now had a very NEW Passion. There was one other person who also helped me figure out that i definately wanted to do this. This person was God. I always complained on how i didnt have a horse and that i thought i would never find a horse that best suited ME! But with the help of Shala, my parents, shermy and most importantly GOD, i got through the training and was off to my first NBHA. The first thing i told to sherman before we ran our run is Sherman do this for Yourself to show that you still have it. And once again do it for me and GOD, and all the people who helped me get here. So then after i got done whispering this sentence into his ear, I gave him a kick and off we were. We then got a 22 sec. that day and people were surprised.  i myself was surprised on how sherman did that good. You know it is pretty cool being a barrel racer. I think it is the special thing that God picked out for me to do. You know my second barrel race i was thankful that God made such good people in the world. If He had not then i would have been sitting at home that day. You see Sherman hurt his leg from being off like a week, and by the time it was time for my second barrel race, i could no longer ride him.  So the loving Shala did what she is good at doing and that is knowing every body. She sent out an e-mail asking people if i could borrow their horses to ride in my big race. Well we got a ton of emails saying that i could use their horses. Well this real nice lady that i knew i have met before named Sandy let me ride her horse Wrap, a beautiful black and white gelding. I was so thankful for her and God and Shala. They all worked so hard just to let me ride in my big Race. Me and Wrap ended up getting along very well. We waited our turn in the race and turned the HEAT on. WE got 19 secs. and ended up getting 1st in the 12 and under class... I was so excited i still till this day i cannot thank Sandy enough for letting me ride her beautiful horse. (Thanks AGAIN!) But then from the very first day i started riding in barrel racing i always prayed and talked to GOD telling him how much i wanted a horse of my own. Till the day of june like 25 i prayed and talked and prayed and talked to God on and on.  How i needed a horse. But then i was off to my dads and i was still praying. Until the one day that i had gotten a phone call from my mother telling me that they had finally got me a barrel horse named Rusty. I screamed in HAPPINESS that i had finally got one. Shala was like i told you so i told you that GOD has given you a gift and that He had a special horse picked out for you. And that is the story on how wonderful GOD is on giving me these wonderful people and horses and their loving hearts in order to get me through not having a horse of my own. I can not thank them enough once again for their kindness and generosity. Thanks Again To all those people. Shala, mom, dad, and Sandy and all those other people. Carlie!

Thank you all for coming to our Christian Cowboy Gathering and He Paid Your Fees Barrel Races.  We had a great time!!!   Please send us your Praise Reports and/or testimonies from these weekends!  We saw so many awesome things God did, let's give Him all the Glory!

He Paid Your Fees & Christian Cowboy Gathering 2007 Testimonials:

Thanks so much!!
The church service was awesome, the comedian was great and the message was wonderful!
God Bless You All, and thanks for all your hard work!
Janet Bliss
Just wanted to thank you for the awesome church service you all put on
at the Shawnee 5-D barrel was Way Cool......that was a
minitries that can reach out and touch the young and old
alike!!!!!!!!    That you for the added money barrel race you put on to
go along with it.......   Teresa Stephens
Thanks for putting on a great barrel race at Shawnee.  I'm already committed to run at D&G at Graham, Texas this coming weekend or I'd be with y'all in Oklahoma. 
Brenda K. Wood
Just a note to thank you for your hard work and effort you put in to spread God's message.  I was blessed at your church service and was glad that I had decided to come (even before my horse ran so good). 
God blessed me with a great run.  The buckle was beautiful and I am very proud of it. 
Thanks again.
Darla Corff
We enjoyed Claremore so much!  Thank You for letting us come.
A big special thank you, goes out to Garret and his brother for the tractor driving. 
 We didn't see horses stumble or fall, he did a fantastic job. 
A big thank you to the barrel setters also. They stayed all day.
Lynn was very very good too.  I guess I should have told her.
She mentioned people wanted to talk to her just because of her championships, and her buckle, I didn't want her to think I was one of those.
She did a fantastic job. She is soooooooo blessed.
Thanks again for letting us come.
Bless you, and every one involved with your ministry.
Sandy (Cousins)

We were so impressed by the service and the beautiful prizes, wish we could have brought home one of those beautiful purple saddles! We had a great time and I keep re-playing Lynn’s words over and over in my mind, and sharing her words with anyone that’ll listen. So we really didn’t come home empty-handed after all!

Chelsea Lane Taylor

Princeton, KS 

God Bless you and your ministry!  DeLayna Schooler

>I have been meaning to e-mail you since the HPYF barrel race in Ok.>
> I want you to know I had the best time at Claremore. I didn't win any
> money, but to be able to come and worship God with fellow barrel racers
> was priceless. I missed revival at my church due to our state finals, so
> being able to be lifed up through your ministry was such a blessing. I
> just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your hard work and for
> all that you do to lead this ministry. I pray God bless you and your
> family.
> Thank you again,
> Christy English
> Rose Bud, AR

Hi Shala,
I attended the HPYF barrel race in Claremore and loved it, great job...  God bless.
Vicki Phelps


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